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Electronic Consent for Tax Forms & Federal Payments

Last Updated: Oct 19th, 2021

The processing of Forms 1099 and W-9, or federal tax payment authorization documentation (altogether referred to hereafter as the “Tax Forms”) on behalf of End Users requires Clients/Subscribers (as such capitalized terms have been defined in our Terms of Service) to first notify their respective End Users and require consent of such End Users prior to processing of the Tax Forms, consistent with the terms set forth in this ECTFPA.

Before any End User engages with an Application in a manner that utilizes the Service, the Client hereby agrees that Client and/or their Subscribers (and by way of extension, to any party completing forms on behalf of an End User) ensures that (A) each End User is placed on notice of, and agrees to DisburseCloud’s tax form submission policies (the “Tax Policies”).  If an End User does not consent to DisburseCloud’s Tax Policies, neither the End User nor Client/Subscriber (for the End User’s benefit) may utilize the Services.

DisburseCloud’s Tax Form Submission Policies

By utilizing the Services (as defined in DisburseCloud’s Terms of Service) you agree to the following Tax Form Submission Policies (the “Tax Policies”).  If you do not agree or consent to our Tax Policies, you may not, either on your own account or on account of an End User or other third party, utilize the Service.

DisburseCloud’s Form Submission Policies & End User Consent Requirement for Customer Elected Services