Disburse Payments using

Any Method...

Pay vendors, commissions, claims, etc... faster and easier than ever before!

The Problem

When your customer files a claim, they are expecting to be able to have a smooth and efficient process.   Unlike the past, people expect to be paid quickly and with a method that they are accustom to using today.   

Your customers choose how they want to be paid

Fast & Instant Deposits in your customers account

The feature of instant funds transfer to insured's or claimant's is not just revolutionary, it's life-changing. With just a few clicks, money is in their account within minutes, saving us significant amounts on postage costs. This has not only expedited our claims handling process but also led to a marked increase in our client satisfaction levels.

Betty B

Simple and Easy.

DisburseCloud is a Digital Payment  Disbursement Platform

that allows a company to send their customers a link to choose their payment modality to be paid for a claim.

  • Pay Multiple claimants with single API call
  • Pay Vendors, Insureds and Contractors
  • Vendor Payment Portal
  • Client chooses their own payment Modality
  • All Payments branded to your company

Clients want options and now you can give them multiple payment options!

Instant Deposit

Deposit directly into connected checking account within seconds

Virtual Debit Card

Instant issuance of virtual debit card that funds are available for immediate use

Digital Check

Receive a digital check in their email that can be printed and deposited within minutes


Claimant can provide their account and routing number, funds are deposited within 24-48 hours


Instant deposit into their Venmo account


Coming soon....

What frustrates your claimants...

Paper checks can take five days or longer. This assumes immediate check processing on the part of "you" the carrier, three days for mail delivery, and two days for the check to clear with the bank. Mail delivery speeds may vary, and banks may hold checks for a longer period – meaning policyholders may have
to wait even longer.

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Choose an integration option that works for your claims system

We allow you to choose the option that works best for you and your current technology stack.

API Driven

With our API you can simply integrate the DISBURSECLOUD functionality into your current policy admin system and start paying claims digitally within days.


If your IT team is backed up and need to start off doing a nightly batch upload via 

User Interface

If you would prefer to use a system that has a User Interface, we have built that as well.  You can start off using this system while you development team integrates with your system.