Infuse Ease & Convenience Into Your Insurance Operations By Tapping Into DisburseCloud.

Allow your clients to choose their payment method and bring your insurance company into the 21st Century!

Are you finding your insurance company struggling to keep up with the  demands of the modern client ?

Do you find your clients frustrated with those paper checks that take too long? Many insurance companies across the nation are at risk of becoming obsolete because they aren’t adapting to the pace and intricacies of the industry’s needs.

But what are the primary factors holding your business back?

Insurance is an industry with long-rooted traditions in the way they operate. However, the modern client has seen rapid change, and with that comes new demands. Today, the insurance business is all about speed, efficiency, and accommodating each customer’s unique requirements.

So, is your insurance business finding the following a challenge:

  • More clients complaining about paper checks
  • Payments processes of claimants takes too long
  • No digital portal to manage customers
  • Losing clients because of a bad experience at the end
  • Fraud is up more than ever

If the above factors strike a chord, your insurance business can benefit from a digital payments solution.

Why does transitioning to a digital claims payment system matter?

Taking the leap and integrating a digital payment disbursal system can enhance the way you do business tenfold. These platforms can address the primary concerns of insurers, including:

  • Consistently upgraded security protocols to protect payments
  • Transactions for claims fulfilled in seconds
  • Facilitate more growth with a better customer experience
  • Concise communication with policyholders

Innovative outbound payment solutions aren’t just for enterprise-level insurers. Now you can integrate a billion-dollar company’s digital systems into your insurance business.

See how you can be the future of insurance payments.

It’s time for you to jump onboard the digital payments revolution!

DisburseCloud redefines your business for the better!

DisburseCloud is a digital payment disbursal platform that solves the pressing concerns of the modern insurance carrier. The robust, intuitive set of features includes:

Manage Payments

Pay claimants, vendors, and contractors, with a few simple clicks.

Seamless Integration

Our API will integrate with your existing system without weeks of development.

Complete Support

We make sure DisburseCloud tailors to how you process claims.

Book A Free Demo

Are you ready to take your insurance business to the next level? Do you want to see your company become an industry leader? There’s a quickfire solution that yields great rewards for insurers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this integrate with claims systems?

Yes, we have developed a simple, yet complex API system that allows you to integrate with just 2 API calls that contain contact information and payment amounts  

How long does it take to set up

Setup is dependent on your IT department, normal setup is within 1-2 weeks.

Can we choose what payment modalities to use?

Yes, in the configuration you are able to choose the modalities you want to provide you clients.

What are Setup Fees and Costs

Currently, we don't have any setup fees.   We do have a monthly Maintenence fee of $49.95 and a minimum $200.00 per month usage fee.

What are Usage fees?

Each payment modality has a fee associated with it, ranging from $1.25 up to $5.00.   Your company can either pay the fee or pass it on or share it with the consumer. 

Is there a limit on the number of claims you can send per day?

No, you can send as many claims per day as you want.