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Digital Claims Payments

DisburseCloud is a premier digital claims payment solution, designed to skyrocket the speed and efficiency of payment disbursement with our full-featured and customizable digital payment platform.  We help reduce your insurance fraud challenges when it comes to claim payments.

Look how we solve it!

Instant Deposit

Instant deposit directly into connected checking account within seconds.

Virtual Debit Card

Access to a virtual debit card for funds available for immediate use.

Digital Check

A digital check that your clients can print and deposit anytime!


Quick funds within 24-48 hours just by providing account and routing number.


Quick deposit into Venmo or PayPal account.


Quick deposit into Venmo or PayPal account.

Digital Payments vs. Traditional Checks


  • Digital PaymentsEnhanced security with encryption, two-factor authentication, and real-time fraud monitoring.
  • Traditional Checks: Prone to fraud through forgery, theft, and check tampering.


  • Digital PaymentsInstant, 24/7 accessibility, and ease of use. Claimants can receive payments anywhere, anytime.
  • Traditional Checks: Requires processing, mailing, and bank visits, which are time-consuming and less convenient.

Make the shift to digital payments with Disbursecloud for unparalleled security and convenience.

What our customers are saying:

Decrease in Fraudd

"Switching to Disbursecloud’s digital payments revolutionized our claims process. Our clients now receive payments in record time, and we have witnessed a significant decrease in fraud."

DANA  //  Claims Manager

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"Adopting Disbursecloud was a game-changer. The convenience of digital payments and the peace of mind with enhanced security have immensely improved our client satisfaction rates."

MARC   //  VP of Claims

Help reduce your Insurance Fraud Challenges!

Ready to transform your claims payment process? Experience first-hand how Disbursecloud's cutting-edge technology can secure and streamline your operations. Don’t miss the opportunity to get ahead - Book your personalized demo today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this integrate with claims systems?

Yes, we have developed a simple, yet complex API system that allows you to integrate with just 2 API calls that contain contact information and payment amounts  

How long does it take to set up

Setup is dependent on your IT department, normal setup is within 1-2 weeks.

Can we choose what payment modalities to use?

Yes, in the configuration you are able to choose the modalities you want to provide you clients.

What are Setup Fees and Costs

Currently, we don't have any setup fees.   We do have a monthly Maintenence fee of $49.95 and a minimum $200.00 per month usage fee.

What are Usage fees?

Each payment modality has a fee associated with it, ranging from $1.25 up to $5.00.   Your company can either pay the fee or pass it on or share it with the consumer. 

Is there a limit on the number of claims you can send per day?

No, you can send as many claims per day as you want.