Are Your Claims Payouts as Secure as You Think?

Stop chasing fraudulent claims. Start securing your payouts with DisburseCloud.

As an Insurer, are you feeling left out of the digital age?

Introducing DisburseCloud

We're a digital claims disbursement platform that specializes in paying out claimants, vendors, and agent commissions. Our advanced technology scrutinizes every payout, identifying potential red flags and fraudulent patterns that might otherwise slip through the cracks.

With DisburseCloud, you can rest easy knowing that your payouts are secure, and your company is 

protected from the costly impact of fraudulent claims

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Larry Z.

I'm incredibly pleased to share my outstanding experience with your platform. From the very first use, it was immediately evident how easy and intuitive it is. Even without an extensive background in tech, I navigated effortlessly, a testament to your team's dedication to making this service user-friendly.

Peter S.

The feature of instant funds transfer to insured's or claimant's is not just revolutionary, it's life-changing. With just a few clicks, money is in their account within minutes, saving us significant amounts on postage costs. This has not only expedited our claims handling process but also led to a marked increase in our client satisfaction levels.

Sara B

I would be remiss not to mention how invaluable both you and Stephanie have been throughout my journey. You've been instrumental, acting as a rich resource whenever I needed help. Your knowledge, patience, and genuine commitment to assist me went a long way in making my experience truly remarkable.

Marc H.

The highlight of my experience, has been the exceptional customer support. Whenever our insured's or claimant's needed help, your support team was there, always eager to assist. Their expertise and responsiveness made each interaction seamless and incredibly productive. I was particularly impressed with their dedication to ensuring every query was fully resolved to our satisfaction.

Look how we solve it!

Instant Deposit

Instant deposit directly into connected checking account within seconds.

Virtual Debit Card

Access to a virtual debit card for funds available for immediate use.

Digital Check

A digital check that your clients can print and deposit anytime!


Quick funds within 24-48 hours just by providing account and routing number.


Quick deposit into Venmo or PayPal account.


Quick deposit into Venmo or PayPal account.

Put a Clamp on Paperwork Confusion

Does your payment paper trail feel more like the Trail of Tears? Does it feel like you spend an eternity getting the required documentation to and from your claimants with the correct information needed to process their payments?

Stop sending documents by snail mail and depending on claimants knowing who to properly fill out forms or remembering to sign them. DisburseCloud’s user interface API gives you the tools you need to offer digital contracts and forms, the ability to digitally sign paperwork, and offer payment and claim notification via email or SMS messages.

  • Create Documents
  • Require Digital Signatures
  • User Management
  • Payee Management
  • W9 Tax Form Service
  • 1099 Filing Service

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Time is money! Every day spent operating under outmoded policies is hitting you where it hurts. If your agency is still processing payments the old-fashioned way or if your current digital payment service has not kept up with the latest innovations, let DisburseCloud show you how to start saving time and money by upgrading your payment processing infrastructure today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this integrate with claims systems?

Yes, we have developed a simple, yet complex API system that allows you to integrate with just 2 API calls that contain contact information and payment amounts  

How long does it take to set up

Setup is dependent on your IT department, normal setup is within 1-2 weeks.

Can we choose what payment modalities to use?

Yes, in the configuration you are able to choose the modalities you want to provide you clients.

Is there a limit on the number of claims you can send per day?

No, you can send as many claims per day as you want.

Let us show you how to secure claims Payents now!