Check Cashing

With DISBURSECLOUD’s Digital Check product, a business client initiates and sends a check electronically to their payee via a secure email link. From that link, the payee prints the check using a laser printer and standard copy paper.

A digital check, when printed, is a fully valid check and should be processed like any other traditional paper check. Since a printed digital check is presented without MICR ink and is on standard photocopy paper, branch staff may have questions on how to handle this new form of payment.


This check was printed from an authorized check record. This is not a Check 21 replacement document.

To confirm this check was issued by the account holder and details (pay to, amount, account and routing information), please verify by contacting the issuer at 877-328-5131.

This check should process smoothly through check processing optical readers due to not having MICR ink. If the check does not pass IQA (Image Quality Assurance), follow the tips outlined in Handling Image Quality Assurance Errors when Processing Teller Transactions before processing it as an unscannable check.

Trouble Scanning? – If you are having trouble scanning the check, please enter the account information manually.

Contact branch manager – Many branch managers are familiar with digital checks that adhere to standard banking check specifications.

Instructions for payees

Printing the check – Save a digital copy in a PDF. Any printer works using black or color ink. Basic white paper works, although thicker paper stock is preferred (24# is ideal). In your printer settings, make sure the it is set to actual size and not fit or shrink oversized pages.

  • Confirming the check has printed correctly – Verify the text is clearly printed in dark ink, check is centered on page, bank numbers are visible at the bottom of the page are visible, and there is no smudging or wrinkling of paper.
  • Reprint – Reprint if bank numbers are cut off, off-center or skewed, the text is too light or read or is smudged, or the paper is wrinkled.
  • Deposit – Cut on the dotted line. Endorse the check. Fold the check in half.
  • Deposit at your bank or credit union
  • Directly at teller
  • ATM (best results)
  • Smartphone mobile deposit – Turn off image detection
  • Office check scanner

Mobile Deposit Option – Using a computer screen or tablet in conjunction with your smartphone, click the mobile deposit button. Click the “Front of Check” button and use your banks image capture app to first take a picture of the front of the check. Then click outside the box or push “esc”, and then click “Back of Check” button, line up the endorsement line, and take an image of the back of the check. Then click the deposit button.

trouble cashing this check?

  • If you are having trouble scanning the check, have the teller manually key it in.
  • Ask to speak to branch manager.
  • Have the teller or manager contact the issuer to verify at 877-328-5131


Check #'s aren't showing

Make sure your printer settings are "Actual Size", not "Shrink to Fit" or "Fit to Page".

My bank won’t accept this check for some reason, can I get a real check sent to me?

Yes, follow the instructions in the digital check portal to enter your mailing address to get a check mailed to you. The "Request a Printed Check" option is the bottom left option on the page.